The GEOMATION GmbH develops and produces laboratory equipment for soil-mechanical testing, material testing machines, electronic components for drive technologies and automation components.

We are specialised in ...

  • engineering of mechanical loading equipment,
  • combination and integration of measurement technique, drive technology and mechanics,
  • firmware programming for all devices,
  • software engineering for evaluation of measurment results

Our products ...

... ranges from basic devices for unidimensional compression testing or unconfined compression testing to the complete triaxial equipment as well as special test devices. Depending on the application requirements these devices will be equipped with pneumatic, electromechanical or hydraulic drive systems.

Next to the products for soil-mechanical testing, we engineering and producing individual equipment, controller as well as customized solutions. We use high quality industrial components for single applications. For series products we developing electronic boards using microcontrollers and signal processors and the required peripheral equipment. The production of these electronic components is realized from capable and reliable partners. 

The portfolio is completed by a full service for all products. A comprehensive consultation of the customers and the maintenance and calibration of all machines with certified measuring technology is part of the service features.

Our equipment ...

... is suitable for several testing methods, for example:

  • DIN 18136 (unconfined compression test)
  • DIN 18135 (oedometer / unidimensional compression test)
  • DIN EN 13286-47 (CBR test)
  • DIN 18137-3 (direct shear test)
  • simple shear tests
  • DIN 18137-2 (triaxial tests,  testing methods: UU - unconsolidated undrained , CU - consolidated undrained, D - drained , CCV - consolidated drained with constant volume while shearing)