Simple shear frame for shear devices of the ESD10.5, ESD25.20, SSD5 and SSD20 series for Simple Shear tests according to ASTM D6528-07

Shear frame for the shear devices type SSD5 and ESD10.5 for direct simple shear testsing according to ASTM D6528-07. Simple shear tests are used in soil mechanics to determine drained and undrained shear strength under constant and cyclic shear loads. Comparing to the direct shear test, the simple shear test has the advantage that a homogeneous, unconstrained shear plane can be form.

available / supplied accessories:

  • latex sleeves TCS.LH
  • 4 centering pins for precise alignment / centering of the sample rings
  • 4 locking screws for fixing the sample rings when installing the sample
  • 30 sample rings (h = 0.75 mm)
Sample diameter: 
94,4 mm (70 cm²)
Shear frame / sample rings: 
stainless steel, teflon coated
Load stamp: 
stainless steel
Filter discs: 
Sintered stainless steel